Monday, November 3, 2008

In Memory of my dear friend, Jill

My good friend Jill went on to be with our precious Lord, and Savior Sunday morning. She was one of the most godly women I have ever known. When I first met her I knew my life would never be the same. She invited me to her home for a Bible Study. This was the beginning of a serious life change for me. It is there I learned what it was to truly follow Christ. It is there I learned what it meant to be a godly woman, and a godly wife. It is there I met my best friends Erin, and Beka among many other great women of faith: April, Sarah, Emily, Kelly, Crystal, Kristen, Lauren, and many more. From the moment Jill and I met I knew she was special. She had that glow in her eye and a pep in her step that was so contagious. I wanted what she had, so I prayed that God would allow me to learn from her so that I could become at least half the incredible woman she was. Jill had the biggest heart and love for people. She loved opening her doors to her home and bringing people in to share the Lord with them. She had such an amazing spirit, and everyone I know loved being around her because she made you want to be a better person. My heart is heavy for her husband Scott, her sweet baby, and for her family, but I am rejoicing for the life she lived and the lives she touched while she was here. I know she is in a much better place and I can't wait to join her in Heaven one day. It is because of the love and guidance that she showed me that I am where I today. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have known Jill. She forever changed my life, and I am eternally grateful for her. I love you Jill!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally joining my fellow bloggers

Well I have finally decided to create a blog. I have had several friends ask me to create one, but I just kept putting it off due to my lack of knowledge in the technology realm. Nonetheless, here I am and I will try especially hard to keep the blog updated. I was unsure of what to write for my first posting, but then a friend suggested I make a list of things that describes me in a nutshell and post it. So, here is my list and it includes probably more than you ever wanted to know about me...
1. I serve an Awesome God!
2. I am married to the most incredible man, my best friend
3. I could drink salsa out of a bowl
4. I love my black Lab Marley
5. My nickname is nae nae
6. My favorite book is Redeeming Love
7. I worked out with trainers at 6 am this morning- my legs are still shaking
8. I absolutely love my graduate school program for teaching
9. I can't wait to become a teacher
10. I love our new home- especially my green kitchen
11.I like to cook, but I am not great...yet!
12. More than anything I want to make a difference
13. I have the greatest friends in the world. God has blessed me beyond measure!
14. Mi Ranchito is the greatest restaurant ever
15. I love grocery shopping
16. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year
17. New Life Church has been such a blessing to my life-and I am so glad to part of it!
18. I love peep toe shoes
19. Remember the Titans is my all time favorite movie
20. I would love to re-visit our honeymoon spot at the Riviera Maya
21. Matt and I already have our children's names picked out- can't wait!
22.Morgan Freeman is my favorite actor
23. I desperately want to be fluent in Spanish
24. I can't stand conflicts- let's just find the peace!
25. I don't like black handles on cars that aren't black
26. I love going to bed with wet hair
27. I love the sound of luggage wheels at the airport
28. I have my very own star named "Will You Marry Me?"
29. I have given up my addiction to Diet Coke
30. I love sleeping in on rainy days
31. My nephews laugh is the greatest sound I have ever heard
32. I want to adopt several children- especially a Chinese girl
33. My 4 year old sister, Natalie, calls me a million times a day- and I love it!
34. My dream has always been to open a soup kitchen
35. The coolest place I have ever been is a gypsy village in Romania
36. Sonic Happy Hour inventors are geniuses
37. My wedding dress broke on my wedding day.. I looked a hot mess
38. I work for a men's ministry- go figure
39. I love headbands
40. Erin loves me more than chocolate